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Plumbing maintenance & services

Plumbing services may include a variety of services, including inspection for damage or corrosion, installation of new pipes or drainage systems; or the repairs thereof. Plumbing maintenance is the regular installation, repair and maintenance of a variety of plumbing piping and systems

repairs and new installations

Plumbers install and maintain water supplies, sanitation units, pipes, tubes, fittings and related plumbing fixtures

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submersible pumps / Pump Stations

Submersible pumps are sealed pumps / stations that operate under moist / wet conditions. They do not require frequent inspection and can be lifted with the support of guide rails and a hoist. 

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septic tanks / french drains

A mini sewerage / drainage system on the owner’s property, if the property is not connected to local or municipality sewerage system

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bathroom / kitchen renovations

Self-explanatory, yet such a delicate task. Ensuring complete peace of mind when it comes to hygiene and care

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standard geysers / solar geysers / heat pumps

Standard geysers are the round geysers found in homes across South Africa, in 50l, 100l, 150l, 200l and 250l sizes. Solar geysers are sustainable, optional solutions to reduce your carbon footprint. It heats water by making use of the sun. Heat pumps are used in drying processes, washing processes, pasteurization and some other also.

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storm water / waste / sewerage / waterline

These drainage systems need regular maintenance checks for damage or corrosion

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pressure regulating valves / safety valves / stopcocks

The installation, repairs and maintenance of these plumbing fixtures and fittings also form part of regular maintenance

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toilets / basins / showers / baths / urinals

Maintaining the drainage / piping systems on the plumbing items are expected of the plumber


grease traps / sumps

Water / grease waste management systems used while washing (not only) cars


blocked drains

Specialist rooting machines fixes blocked drains in a jiffy.

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construction / maintenance / building nhbrc registered (sub)


new homes / offices / factories and shops

plaster / building / tiling/ seamless gutters / painting / dry walling

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roof / ibr / corrugated / flat roof waterproofing (rubber sealant)


High-Pressure Jet Cleaning

High pressure water jetting is used to clean & unblock  drains & pipelines.

Roof Rubberising & Waterproofing

The advantage of liquid rubber (as used on roof waterproofing), is that it can be used on various roofing materials i.e metal, wood, concrete, insulated concrete and more

Suspended Ceilings

Also called dropped ceilings, suspended ceilings serve to hide unappealing construction features as well as to keep the home more dust-free

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